MainStay Massage & Day Spa

91 North Main Street

Cortland, New York 13045




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Prices and Services
We use Massage techiques appropriate to your concerns.


A few drops of Essential Oils may be included with your massage at no extra cost.
Swedish Massage
30 min - $40    60 min - $70
75 min - $80    90 min - $95
Prenatal Massage
30 min - $40 60 min - $70
Side-By-Side Massage
60 min - $140     90 min - $190
Hot Stone Massage
60 min - $85

Side-By-Side Hot Stone Massage
60 min - $170    

20 Minute Chair Massage
20 min - $30

Aromatherapy Services
 Our therapists only use organic, pesticide free and free traded essential oils and carriers. Our suppliers routinely use third party tests to ensure the purity of their oils.                                                                                                                  Each therapist has had extensive experience and training in the safe and appropriate use of essential oils. Although our educational backgrounds in Aromatherapy may be different, we have a mutual respect and trust that we consistently offer the best products and services available in the field.
Raindrop Massage              60 min - $140
This service includes a complimentary 15 ml Young Living Essential Oil to take home.
A relaxing, therapeutic massage using Young Living essential oils in a variation of YL's Raindrop Technique. This modification of Raindrop takes into consideration current research regarding best practices in the use of essential oils and the supportive role of their carriers. The Oils used during this service remain the same as recommended by Young Living's Gary Young.