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The Victorian Corner



A Song Instead of a Speech
 Nothing enlivens a dinner party more than an occasional song, especially when the company is so well warmed with wine as to become a little impatient at the restraints necessarily imposed in listening to speeches. (1860)
Hold Your Tongue
Selecting a Wife 
Some men select a wife as they would a horse - paying due attention to appearance, gait, disposition, age, teeth and grooming. (1902)
Marrying for Beauty
It is not wise to marry for beauty alone, as even the finest landscape, seen daily, becomes monotonous, so does the most beautiful face, unless a beautiful nature shines through it. The beauty of today becomes commonplace tomorrow, where as goodness, displayed through the most ordinary features, is perennially lovely. (1866)
Quotes from Manners and Morals of Victorian America
Wayne Erbsen