MainStay Massage & Day Spa

91 North Main Street

Cortland, New York 13045



The MainStay Tour

 Our home and Business at 91 North Main Street was built in 1881.  The origional owners were Alexander and Mary Mahan along with their three children.  The Peck family of Pecks Furniture was the homes second owner from 1905 to 1947 when it was then bought by Claira Perrigno, the proprietor of Edson's Tea Room.  Today the home's Victorian charm is a reminder of the gracious living and unhurried pace of times gone by.  Come in and experience this unique and beautiful home and leave your worries behind........Pam and Scott Abbott
MainStay has a most excellent front porch. A place where clients can linger before or after their sessions. A comfortable spot behind the porch rails from which to watch the weather, the flow of traffic and the comings and goings of pedestrians. It is this sense of timelessness I want my clients to experience when they come for massage. A moment in time which separates them from the pressures and stress of their everyday lives so that they return to their responsibilities refreshed and rested.
When the weather is inclement, the front room with its beautiful light, sweet aromatic scent and gentle music provides an atmosphere of luxurious comfort in which to unwind and let go of the day's stress and aggravation. The architectural details are a delight to the eye and provide endless points for meditation and examination. Before meeting me or while lingering in the after-glow of your massage, coffee or tea are available at your discretion.

The massage room downstairs is located in what might have been a parlor or music room. A large fireplace with its ornate wooden mantle speaks to the history of the building, drawing us further into the sanctuary of the room. Simple squares of stained glass (red, yellow, purple, aqua, and blue) dapple the floor with slivers of colored light. The massage table sits comfortably in this space inviting the client to rest and discard the cares of the day, if only for a moment

The simple elegance of the upstairs massage room speaks to the comfort of the table itself. The heavy wooden frame and mantle of the fireplace is reflected in the wide dark frames of the windows looking out from the front of the house. Again, an orderly arrangement of stained glass squares throws splashes of color across the simple spread on the massage table. Once a bedroom, the space lends itself to dreams and flights of fancy as well as deep meditation. A perfect space suited to simpler times, the room offers shelter from the rages and toils of the world outside for those who seek it.